Advantages of using declarative json ETL software

Intelligent Integration is a powerful enterprise declarative ETL tool based on internal Json documents. Intelligent Integration can read or write to nearly any datasource including SQL, NoSQL , flat files or REST. When reading from non-Json sources, Intelligent Integration immediately converts the data into Json for processing.

Being a declarative programming paradigm, Intelligent Integration separates the “what to do” from the “how to do it”.  The “what” is business requirements of data mappings, data integration and data modeling. The “how” is more technical requirements of moving data from point A to point B like error management, batch management, data cleansing etc.The “how” portion is either already implemented by Intelligent Integration’s code or is pre-configured during setup.

The “what to do” is metadata organized in a user friendly data dictionary format. This brings visibility and understanding without necessarily needing to know or understand all the ETL’s technical details.Being in a single repository allows management at the data model level and to make changes en mass.

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